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Writing: Short Fiction, Essays, Etcetera


The writing life predates guiding-around-town by decades:


Below are links to some recent (and not-so-recent) publications, city stories for the most part, with the occasional breath of country air...


Guided Tour : a 9/11/11 commemorative essay

 Faith : healing the heartsick in small-town Connecticut 

Nice Lady : strangers on the subway

Offering, Gesture, Gift: A Simple Exchange : writer vs. editor 

Fishy Wishy: A True Life Fish Tale : animal love 

The Face in the Peephole : seduction turns stalker-ish

Steam : hot town, simmering in the city

Drowning By The Dike : love drastically cools, in another country


and some work published here for the first time...


so fresh and so new

Resolved : another chance to change

Pigeon : a classic urban encounter


vintage city 

Sam's Girl : old-fashioned shoe store/unexpected love