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...for some flowers for myself: the garden surrounding my building is blooming with tulips, daffodils et al, but inside the apartment, a gray day seeping through winter-grimed windows (yes, I'll get to those soon! any week now!) is glooming my mood. So, out on some quick midday errands, I add a cheap but colorful bouquet to my shopping basket at Trader Joe's...

and realize, not for the first time, that I can never remember the name of this genus of flower I often buy for its hardiness as well as the seemingly endless variety of species/color combinations. I read it over to myself in the store but, sure enough, I've forgotten it by the time I arrive home and am filling a vase with water for the bunch I've selected. It's written on the receipt, though: ALSTROEMERIA. I do a Google Search, and skim an extremely long Wikipedia article on these so-called Peruvian Lillies, which actually mainly come from Chile and Brazil, and are named for a Swedish botanist.

I briefly wonder if these small researches will result in my forever afterward being able to recall the general name of this flower whose extraordinary number of varietal species literally range from Als.a to Als.z...and I smile, understanding the unlikelihood of that happening.

Still: Alstroemeria! Alstroemeria! Alstroemeria!

Thank you for bringing some spring to my solitary, mainly stay-at-home Wednesday! P.S. I think it's worth a photo, as well: it's a new hue to me...






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