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Skating Into The New Year

An "occasional" poem to celebrate the new season/new year: Happy, healthy 2013!



(for Astrid)


These nights, I skate on frozen dreamcanals.

I’m swifter, stronger, more sure of myself,

less focused on precise technique,

the exact route I’m taking, blades flashing,

slicing the black ice like my father’s glazier tools

cut mirror and plate glass.


But ice remains whole, holds me,

leads me on and on,

crisscrossing still countryside,

canal to lake, river to sea,

anywhere I want, everywhere connected,

“Holland in de diepvries “

and nowhere I need to be

but here, then here, going—there.


I can get there op ijs,

I can be there by morning:

just wait at the kitchen window,

I’ll wave as I fly by.

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