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Not So Suddenly Summer

It probably wasn't truly the longest winter ever…it only seemed that way. (It certainly did.)

I photographed the frozen Hudson at sunset one day: beautiful, in its way, but I rarely found myself down in that beloved riverside park again, for inspiration or for any other reason.                 A certain amount of hibernation happened, in spite of one's best intentions.

But that actually made for an unexpectedly productive season: fewer tours, fewer outings altogether…but a good deal more writing. Three stories (ironically? or not? inspired by my walking-the-town work) finished and more to come: I'm thinking of it as a new                   collection-in-progress and it's good to have such a good place to be this year.

Meanwhile, though, it is summer (already!) and Riverside is once again my hangout, my haven, my personal piece of waterfront property, only steps away from my desk.

Two of my favorite recent photos documenting this most welcome season as experienced in the river park are below: the first, a willow, little more than smashed stump after Hurricane Sandy, still somehow sending bright new green shoots toward the sun—that made me laugh!—and one of the best of the new public sculptures installed along the water, a colorful work incorporating a swing. It swings! Which made me laugh harder. I've got to get back there on a slow day to see how high I can actually make it glide!


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