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Life, and work, do seem to slow down, come summer (for some of us anyway)...but literary magazines keep their own eccentric calendars, as if oblivious to the seasons: here, still in time to provide some Summer Reading, are two stories just out.

"Faith," one of my personal favorites, had proved hard to place, dealing as it does with a self-proclaimed "healer" working the Connecticut countryside. It was inspired by the challenges of a dear friend's earlier marriage, and is now featured in Hospital Drive, the University of Virginia Medical School's Literature and Humanities Journal, which (a propos) publishes original literature and art on themes of health, illness, and healing. 



"Drowning By The Dike," a short-short of summer, was inspired by my own earlier life—specifically, by a last summer in another place altogether—and appears (in print and online) in the current Santa Fe Literary Review.


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