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Is It Winter Yet?

This peculiarly unwintry winter continues apace, into mid-Feb. I'm not complaining, mind you—whenever the subject of my having lived my whole life ("so far") in NYC comes up on tours, I'm almost certain to say that I was born in the wrong climate, and somehow just stayed—but it is kind of freaky, this long run of mainly fifty (and sometimes sixty!) degree days, with the temps generally only falling into the forties (!!) And it makes for real shock and chagrin when actual winter conditions catch up with us, fake us out, as they occasionally have, every other week or so. What the...? one finds oneself reacting with: am I actually going to have to put on the dreaded hat? And how many blocks is it to the subway? Randomly arriving cold and otherwise grim weather is even more terrorizing than the winter we thought we knew, were expecting. Or maybe it's that I so want this beautiful balmy faux-winter to last, and I'm terrified that it—won't. Or worse: that Real Winter will arrive late, and settle in for a long springtime stay... 

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