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Even If The World Ends Tomorrow...

this made my day today:

A sparrow hopping, slowly hopping, along the very edge of the platform of the downtown A at Columbus Circle this morning, picking at who-knows-what invisible crumbs of sustenance there, paying no attention whatsoever to the gathering, waiting crowd, many of whom began to idly watch (the train was slow in coming), then maybe began to worry (as I certainly did) that the bird was flight-challenged, even seriously impaired, reduced to this pathetic, slightly staggery earth-bound hopping.

Then, suddenly, it took off into the air, cutting across both sets of tracks, ahead of the oncoming uptown train, with such speed, and such an unexpected sense of purpose, that everyone on my side of the station looked around at one another and smiled, smiled, with the pure pleasure, and relief, of seeing that small creature fly, alive, aloft. Life seemed absurdly sweet for a moment.

Which was enough, for me, this morning, and this evening...even if the world ends tomorrow...

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