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NYC Time Traveler

"And the rain let up...

and the sun came up...:"  

this old world is still turning, and this sweet old life goes on...

yes: 12/21/12 promises to be just another day! who can ask for more?

(Of course I won't mind if something special happens to happen: but given the gloom of the past weeks, the doom predicted for today, I will be glad, very glad, to have an "ordinary" Friday to live and work and play in...)

how about you?


Postscript: The news just gets better! In fact, this is not an entirely ordinary Friday, it's the Winter Solstice. So cheer up, Mom (and all who have been fretting about days dimming down early, since summer's end): this is the very shortest day of the year; beginning tomorrow, the days will grow long, and longer, once again!

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