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An Unexpected Arrival

She came from an elegant old Greenwich Village address

with an impeccable pedigree of her own, though her home was so chaotic no official papers could be found...and I couldn't have cared less: I'd been convinced (friend of a friend of the ill owner) she needed immediate rescue. I brought the carrier downtown on a rainy Sunday evening and we drove her back uptown to her new digs on West End Ave.

Conditions in the original apartment had left her filthy and matted enough to require the radical shave known as a lion cut.

Having no experience with this (or any other "pure" breed), I found her appearance altogether unsettlingly alien that I woke in the middle of that night to Google up Persians, assure myself she was supposed to look just like this. It took no more than the next day for me to discover that she is the most adorable and delightful feline imaginable, tiny yet feisty and boldly adventurous, intensely responsive and affectionate: a true treasure among cats.

Welcome home, Yasmina!


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