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SuzeV Says


"Talk To A New Yorker!"


(check out this special Vlog post)

NYC Time Traveler

If You're Going To Leave New York City...

…you really want to go do something big!

Not So Suddenly Summer


It probably wasn't truly the longest winter ever…it only seemed that way.  (It certainly did.)


New York Mehs

Most visitors to the city—especially those who choose to tour with a guide—are excited to be here, enthusiastic about the sights and sounds we locals tend to take for granted…

Writing The New Year

First writing  ya

Strength put in,

one line goes down.



Diving Into The Holidays

As a holiday offering, I recently posted about seven favorite Manhattan green spaces...   

Another (Minor) Miracle on the Hudson

Jack—short for Jack Dempsey, the species of cichlid to which he belonged—had outlived all the other fish in Al's upstairs tanks, and now he was dead too...

An Unexpected Arrival/Part Deux

Just an update on the Real Yasmina (that petite Persian princess now fully come into her own fine fur…)


Life, and work, do seem to slow in summer (for some of us anyway)...

An Unexpected Arrival

She came from an elegant old Greenwich Village address, with an impeccable pedigree of her own...

Where In The City? (#1)

I know, I know, it's strange...


I don't write much poetry at all...

An Unexpected Passing

Maple Rae Anderson Volchok

New Year's Postscript

In fact, I didn't skate into 20013:

swam (well, more or less), in my first—and possibly last?—Coney Island Polar Bear Club New Year's Day PLUNGE.

Skating Into The New Year

An "occasional" poem to celebrate the new season/new year... 

"And the rain let up...

and the sun came up..."  

Even If The World Ends Tomorrow...

This made my day today:

A sparrow hopping, slowly hopping, along the very edge of the platform of the downtown A at Columbus Circle this morning...


Hurricane...Election...Nor'easter...These last several weeks have blown by, a blur of intense events and heightened emotions...

A Visit To...C. Columbus

He has stood as the de facto gateway to the Upper West Side since 1892. He serves as the standard meeting place for my own Upper West Side tour...

The Porpoise of Life

(—what is? as an earnest Eastern European grad school classmate once asked our philosophy professor.)

New & Forthcoming (As They Say)

...two short stories—both, coincidentally, inspired by The Little Girl (who is actually quite grown into a Lovely Young Woman)—now published, or about to be:

Talk To A New Yorker!

Walking along my block toward the subway the other morning, I encountered a man standing stock-still on the sidewalk, holding onto a little boy with one hand while, with the other, he held an iPhone in front of his own face, so close to this eyes I doubted he was aware of anything around him but that small screen, which he was (or so it seemed) confusedly studying, rotating it this way and that...

Red-Tailed Hawks@Washington Square

This is the second year red-tailed hawks have nested on NYU's Bobst Library, overlooking Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village...

Obama On The Corner

I'd done six tours in seven days and was planning on taking the day off, I slept late the Monday morning that President Obama arrived in Manhattan for (among other things) appearances at Barnard's commencement and on ABC's The View.


...for some flowers for myself:

I Am Getting Sleepy...Sleepy

On days "off..."

Is It Winter Yet?

This peculiarly unwintry winter continues...

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