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 Tours of

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NYC Time Traveler

It was a pleasure having you as our tour guide.

I received a lot of positive feedback from the students, and several suggested doing a walking tour next year. Will be in touch to further discuss.

Thanks so much for providing a great tour!


Adriana R., Cornell University, Autumn 2012-2013

Carol and I had a wonderful time on the tour today.

Great job!

We are looking forward to another.

Would enjoy taking in some more of the Upper West Side.

Bob W., Philadelphia PA/Autumn 2011

I will recommend Susan and request her next year. She was very friendly and willing to work with me. She knew the sites very well and was good at giving the kids interesting facts, but not too many. She talked things over with me and we came to solutions together. She interacted with the students and adults well...and asserted herself on our behalf many times. Excellent guide! 

Susan was fantastic! I definitely want her every year! She is wonderful with the kids and also incredibly flexible to my ideas too. Would highly recommend her! 

Susan is amazing! I truly look forward to working with her each year! She helps make our trip an incredible experience!!

Absolutely wonderful!  Fantastic tour guide!

Shanna S., Bonham Middle School, Amarillo TX/Spring 2008-2014

Susan Volchok, a licensed New York City guide...gathered her charges on the sidewalk opposite 92 and 94 MacDougal, noting that the two row houses had been bought and made over into one bigger house by a more solvent Dylan in 1967 and sheltered him and his family until 1973. It was the first of many cultural factoids I and 11 people I'd never met would be treated to over the course of a congenial three-hour stroll on a cool spring day...The party broke up with...a richly deserved cheer for our affable and knowledgeable guide. ( more...)

Our guide, Susan Volchok, was both knowledgeable and had a great personality! I am in the travel industry and will refer your services to all my clients! Keep up the awesome work!...A very professional guide with a pleasant voice and personality...Susan was wonderful: enthusiastic, knowledgeable, attentive...excellent, informed, articulate, enunciates well, and educated, articulate, informative and accommodating guide...informative and entertaining...never in a rush...Everything you'd want in a tour guide...Susan had a pleasant, relaxed style that was a welcome counterpoint to the hurried pace of New York City life. She was genuinely friendly and personable...Susan was outstanding. I could hear her over the hustle and bustle of New York. She knew so much about the area and its history and did an incredible job...Three hours of thorough enjoyment. From the moment I met our guide, I knew we'd enjoy every minute of our tour. I liked Susan instantly: she was warm, comfortable, knowledgeable, articulate, and a friend for three hours, imparting all kinds of knowledge from historical to cultural to gastronomical...Our guide Susan was knowledgeable, humorous and treated us like friends touring her city. We all felt lucky that she was such a warm and wonderful hostess...Susan was perfectly wonderful. We felt like we had a friend showing us around her home town...After our entertaining afternoon with Susan, my husband and I were able to impress our daughter and her boyfriend with our knowledge of Village life and history...Susan was really great with everyone, learning the names of everyone in the group within minutes and sharing fantastic little details and stories about the streets I walk daily...Susan was a fantastic guide who truly knew the historical facts of the area, as well as was kind to my children: not all tours are that way!...She gave us not only a guided tour, but she also shared her own knowledge and enthusiasm...Susan shared a lot of personal experiences with us: a plus, as it makes the tour seem genuine and not "canned"...Our guide was authentic and knowledgeable. The mood was relaxed and the group was nice and small so you don't feel like too much of a tourist...We didn't feel like we were on a typical tour, but rather more a part of an intimate gathering...She had clearly done a lot of research but was also really generous with stories, information and tidbits about the area from her personal life, which really added to the experience...Our guide was gracious and welcomed questions, and peppered the tour with plenty of anecdotes...Our guide, Susan, was wonderful. She was very informative, attentive to everyone's needs, and we all loved her voice!...A pleasure to listen to...An excellent storyteller...Susan our guide made the whole experience unforgettable, with a warm and sunny smile that melts the cold and windy weather...We had bad weather the day of our tour but Susan happily made the best of it and was so interesting that we literally forgot that it was raining!...It happened to be raining that day but the tour was so fun and interesting we didn't even notice or care about the weather...Susan was outstanding! Loved the tour, loved the food, loved Susan's hair, LOVE NEW YORK!...I usually have ADD issues with walking groups and ditch out at some point, but this was totally engaging, even for my 16 yr. old daughter with me. Our guide, Susan, was interesting, personal, relevant, and real—her personality, the tour itself, and the food kept our interest, and a special memory was created. Thank you Susan!...Susan was our guide. She cannot be improved on, not even a little bit. As a born and bred New Yorker who hasn't lived in New York in many years, I can vouch that she knows her stuff...Susan our guide was warm and interesting. We all want to do another tour the next time we are in New York!...entertaining!...Dang we had fun! Susan our guide was cool...very "New York:" We loved her...She obviously loves her job! Great tour, great time! Thanks, Susan, we enjoyed being with you!...Susan is a real find...Susan gave her all...Susan was magnificent....We had a great time and everyone loved Susan: she was fantastic!…Susan is the real deal!